Sunday, November 9, 2014

Buffalo Wilds Wings Bar and Grill (City of Industry)

So, my brother decided he wanted me to take him to this place for his birthday. As he has never been a fan of crowds or American Football I was surprised. The place is like Hooters without the hooters. So it’s kind of like having game night with the boys, but the wife isn’t manning the kitchen.

I can’t complain about the low lighting or laud TV, because those things come with a wing joint. The fact that a hot girl sat us then some dude served was a disappointment.

Then the service was so bad that another server came and asked us if we had been helped. I got one refill on my soda and was forced to sulk in silence as none could rightly carry a conversation in a place like this grill.

Take my advice, kids, make your hot wings in the microwave and save yourself some time.