Monday, November 24, 2014

Red Delicious Apples

Who knew that all apples have names like this? I mean, it’s a red apple, right, past that I never thought of them as having names. Golden Delicious, sure, we all remember those, but Red Delicious? Honestly, naming a kind of apple “Delicious” is kind of a dork move if you ask me.

Honestly, the Red Delicious started before the Golden Delicious so it was just the Delicious at the time. They call it a ‘clone apple’ but they’ve been around since 1880 which is longer than National Geographic Magazine.
Anyway, these are good if they’re fresh but keep looking good long after they get mealy and taste like wet cardboard. The skin is more like leather than fruit peal so you may want to cut some away.

Red Delicious apples are bottom of the barrel in terms of quality, so buy few and eat soon