Thursday, December 4, 2014

Green Coffee

In this case I’m going to say this about green coffee in general rather than the brand. You may remember that at one time this stuff was just a diet fad where green coffee extract was supposed to help you lose weight. Well, as a fat guy I have to say I hoped and was disappointed.  

Now, mind that grinding my own coffee is nothing new to me. I love coffee and some of the better stuff just can’t be found preground. However, green coffee is harder than roasted coffee. It jams your coffee grinder, comes out in big chunks, and makes a mess.

After getting in a bad mood from chewing up my grinder, I actually tasted the stuff. I was nothing like coffee, more like tea, and reminded me of the smell of pealed sticks.

If you’re the kind of person who would buy a good coffee grinder but doesn’t like the flavor of coffee this crap is for you. If you like coffee keep clear.