Friday, December 5, 2014

Random Ni-mh Battery of Butt

Back in the day when Ebay was still a big thing I got into the idea of using rechargeable batteries. I was also a big Ebayer at the time and would look just about everything up on that webpage to see if I could get a deal.

These batteries were dirt cheap and a rip-off because dirt would have been just about as useful. The never held a charge, and I shouldn’t have been surprised as they have no brand name and company to complain to when the work like crap.

I think what happened is someone screwed these up and had them tossed then a poor factory worker grabbed them out of the trash.

On the up side they do look brand new after nearly ten years gathering dust in my house, and they did carry a current so if I ran out of batteries I could use them as a cross gap. 

Moral of the story: Never buy something that doesn’t have a company name on it so you have someone to bitch at when it doesn’t work.