Sunday, December 7, 2014

Stacker 2 Extreme Energy Kickin’ Classic

As I said before, I work at night. Being the night man I need to hit the energy sauce ever now and then to keep going. When I was in college I had a two can a day habit.

But this hundred and twelve calorie, made in USA, midget can was not on the menu.  I wish it had been because it would have kept me away from the stuff.

It works okay, but I can’t say I like the taste. It’s a little like Red Bull but less distinct. Extreme Energy Kickin’ Classic can be drunk with ice which is not true of all energy drinks, but I still recommend chilling and drinking it from the can.

Where this product does shine is the price which was fifty cents at my local Big Lots. It was a buck at the dollar store down the road from Big Lots so if you need your rush shop around.