Monday, July 11, 2016

Jianas Brothers Packaging Company Strawberry Banana Dairyshake Powder

Jianas Brothers Packaging Company's Strawberry Banana Dairyshake Powder is one of those 'huh' items that comes in M.R.E. and I was kind of surprised to find them in my EverSafe Meal Kit.

I've always been the kind of fellow to 'Pack Out' and dump my trash at home, but with these things I say you just dump the trash because it can get stinky. 

Other than that, these have four grams of Trans Fat which is know to be an unhealthy killer. I will never eat one of these on my own but rather share them with my brother to spread the trans fat out between us.

Maybe I should give these to the homeless or something. I mean, if you're starving you can't have fat build up in your arteries can you?