Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Wornick Company Au Gratin Potatoes

The Wornick Company Au Gratin Potatoes is pared with
 to make a meal that will give you new insights into the life of a soldier. This is not to say that the potatoes are so bad. They're just kind of there without being much to talk about.

There are few foods at this point that make me wish I could pic the menu on my EverSafe Meal Kit as much as the pack these came in. I guess it would cost more to get the food you want rather than just whatever they stuff in a box.

So it stand that the clear packaging of the MRE's is not the only difference between them and the Military versions. The military ones have an A and B menu so you can avoid these things if you want to.

These Potatoes make me remember how much I love making my own food!