Saturday, February 28, 2015

Farmer John Hot Louisiana Brand Smoked Sausages

Made in California these are the medium heat version of these smoked sausages. Just so you'll know, without the beer this is a balanced meal. Well, sort of a balanced meal, in terms of macronutrients a balanced meal.

What part of I'm fat didn't you get the first ten times. I don't eat balanced meals! 

Oh yeah, and that is four, count um, four serving of protein according to the package. Yes, a serving is half a sausage. That means that this one meal is more protein than the average person needs in a day.

It also contains one hundred percent of the saturated fat allowance for a person in one day.

Past that, these are not medium hot sausages but rather light hot sausages. Hot sausages I can't eat. I generally cut these up and put them in salads. They are great for salad so long as you let them cool for at least ten minutes after frying.

One added bonus is that if you cut them you'll be able to fry them without adding any oil. All that fat runs out of the sausage and keeps it from sticking.

If you're going to eat these in a traditional American way keep clear of them. If you're going to eat them with lots of greens they do fine.