Friday, January 22, 2016

Pieology Pizzeria

Have you ever had the desire to shove stuff on a pizza until the bread disappeared? Sure, who hasn't? Then you grew up and came to the reality that more is not always better. Well, someone never grew up and so Pieology came about giving you more choices to get on your pizza than anyone would need.
Now the monster pizza my brother made had everything he could fit on it making it a disgusting mass of flavors only good for someone who can't taste. He needed a fork to eat the dang thing, but I think he liked it just fine. Yet, I will be honest that he said he wasn't big on Pieology.
Now, my pizza was a hair more conservative, but I feel like I had to much. The crust was very thin as if it was only there to have toppings on it and the toppings were underdone. I should have reeled it back some. I will note that they did have salads and the condiments were a little further than most. Over all, I wouldn't go back.