Saturday, March 19, 2016

Pure Order Brewing Co. Crooked Neck Hefeweizen

Pure Order Brewing Co. Crooked Neck Hefeweizen is named for the very real giraffe named Gemina who lived at the Santa Barbara Zoo and had a crooked neck. 

That unfortunate animal was born deformed but lived a normal life.

I'm not clear as to what this has to do with this Hefeweizen, but I can say I've never had a Hefeweizen like this one. 

First, it had a very strong head. I mean very strong and lasting so pour it slowly. Second, it had an oddly apple flavor that is strange because apple is not used in this beer. Finally, there was some brown stuff at the bottom of the bottle.

I have to say that this beer is so different from other beers that I would go out and try it just for the sake of doing so. I can't say I liked it all that much but it stands hour among the rest.