Friday, October 31, 2014


So, why would I start a blog where I review everything randomly  when I already don’t have enough time, can’t keep up with my comics, and need to review countless books and films? Well, it’s simple, part of it is that I love funny reviews and part of it is that my family wants me dead. Okay, maybe not dead per say,’ out of the picture’ would be the right way to say it.

You see, back in two thousand six I started insisting they keep their promises, and they didn’t like that one bit. They started getting increasingly big on me doing whatever they said not matter what would happen to me because of these actions.

Then one day I just wouldn’t budge, and I had to call the police who told my sister and her boyfriend they needed to leave the house for a few days. As a result the two married and, after learning what a mortgage is, have been trying to have me removed from the ownership of my home ever since.

So, I’m trying to squeeze every penny out of everything I buy knowing that any given day of the week I may become homeless. Before you go asking, no it would not be legal for my sister to remove me from my home. There are three people named in my mother’s estate, and they all legally own part of the home.

My sister’s last attempt to remove me from the home was to have paperwork drawn up to ‘settle’ my mother’s estate. It named her and my brother as the new owners leaving me out in the cold. If I hadn’t read that paper, if I had signed it I would have legally given up my residence.

My sister said it was all a mistake but, well, first she tried to get the executer of the estate to remove me. This would not have been legal, but if I failed to object then it would have been fine. Then she tried to have me declared ‘derelict’ on the home. As I wasn’t derelict this made it hard for her.

Now it would be illegal for her to have me kicked out but legal and what will happen tend to be two different things.

Love, Live, Complain,

Richard Leland Neal