Friday, April 29, 2016


Introduced in 1963, 'TaB' is Coke's answer to Royal Crown Cola's 'Diet Rite' and had great popularity between the sixties and seventies. The beverage lost popularity when research indicated that it caused cancer.  

Now a-days we have little evidence that this will cause cancer so the worlds second diet cola can be enjoyed with the knowledge that it will only lead to butt leakage, kidney problems, and an incredible urge to have sweets.

The only reason you have diet soda in general is if you have blood sugar problems and even then in moderation.

Now to be honest this tastes okay and works well with whisky. I've tried making pick-me-up's with it and found that it functions okay for that as well. 

If your hoping this product will help you lose weight the answer is that it likely will not. If you want something that will taste good and not add sugar to your diet this is worth drinking.